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Hate Mail Dept.

2017-03-01 02:19:56 by PoisonHeart

Please direct all hate-mail, death threats, naive defenses, drunken insults, juvenile agression, creepy stalking, psychoneurosese, and general despicability here in the comments below! Hooray!

Majora's Mask: Gameboy Version

2016-04-15 20:48:52 by PoisonHeart

IRL Majoras Mask For Gameboy

Sooo....yeah. It's a thing.


Not a good thing, really. The team behind it looks like they took a page out of my book, and bit off more than they could chew here, and it went nowhere after what looks like weeks and weeks of furious creation.

To be fair, it really doesn't "feel" like Majora's Mask, in any way/shape/form. Overall, a "shock" project that was built around the concept of "OMG!!! WHAT?!"...only to peter out after less than a year.

Just thought I'd share while questing for sprite art of a Neo Geo Pocket, because it was a really cool idea....that was a total waste.


Heheh.  Thanks... You're nice. Umm... Can I ask... a question? What makes you happy? I wonder...what makes you happy...does it make...others happy, too?