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truly frightening and just the what i needed at 3am.

i like how it just loops over and over

the iconic "royalty free!!!" graphic really works, i like how they just throw the game at the console. and then it flips closed haha, there's actually some really funny gags here.

what it lacks in art, it makes up for in poetry. it's not often you see much poetry here, and it can be difficult to share your feelings and just put them out there. thanks for sharing!

DrakeFannings responds:

I'm glad you understand it and look at it like that. Indeed it lacks art, I'm not a great 2D animator, that's a fact, but it makes me feel good to hear you know how it is to illustrate something in words, poetry in this case. Thank you very much for your post and for watching!

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Firstly, I love that the game loads very quickly. The confusing graphics work a lot to the games advantage. The crappy keys, the really bizarre character. I love it. The levels are actually well-planned. I will say the sound effects are less than enthusiastic. The atmosphere could have been stronger.

So...Out of 10....

GFX - 8 (sheer eccentricity)
SFX - 3 (missing music)
DESIGN - 8 (clever and thoughtful)
GAMEPLAY - 6 (basic but effective)


This game has too low a rating. It's a basic, but effective, puzzling platformer. Keep it up! And "Remember, don't tell anyone about this!"

angryoscah responds:

Thanks! For me, it was crucial to keep the game efficient, so anyone can play the game and don't have to wait long. The main character is truly bizarre:D. It's great to hear that you liked the level design because this was my first time I have designed levels for a platformer. Maybe the game could have used more music, but I thought the sound of wind and silence sometimes is more powerful on some levels. That reference made my day :) Thanks for the feedback!

Ugh. The authors own lack of enthusiasm is off-putting. The game is a click-to-win shooter. The graphics and unsettling moments have their potential, but the necessity of clicking specifically on enemies is a real drag.

Out of 10...

GFX - 7 (very creepy, decent characters)
SFX - NA (no audio device here)
DESIGN - 5 (poor production)
GAMEPLAY - 5 (very poor coding)

feels like a click-em-up. Click the right point, enemies, and win. The weapons are well-designed, but otherwise the game is just lacking. The fact that you die immediately unless you click the enemies perfectly, sucks.

The creatures are disgusting, the game lags very heavily on older hardware, and the paid option to support fullscreen is a jip. The "indie" graphics are seemingly intentional, but they express a certain level of amateurity not befitting a game costing $10?! Ten fucking dollars for this?

What a joke. I haven't reviewed a game in a minute, but regardless....

Out of 10...

GFX - 4 (poorly amateur)
SFX - 3 (minimal sound fx, crappy music)
DESIGN - 5 (paid features are a cash-grab)
GAMEPLAY - 7 (good gameplay hindered by poor performance)

OVERALL.....this title pisses me off. The developer wants $10 to fullscreen the game? I make $10 an hour busting my fucking ass in manual labor. I'm not down. The gameplay I'm sure is just fine on a higher-end system, but again what we've got here is a sloppy and half-assed performance design. Glad it's still a Flash game, but it's like the Developer just opened up Flash, designed some gross creatures, wrote a bunch of spaghetti code, and called it a game. Most heinous.

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def sounds like you had a lot of fun with this one, but it got really repetitive, i would think this would be kickass trimmed down into a loop.

this one really gets one rolling.

was never really impressed by this....sorta flat to me...

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aw it's pretty

DBuck-Eye responds:

Thanks, so are you :)

amazing! stirring description of a an awesome illustration. it's whimsical but still somehow deadly serious

i really like the color shading!!!

Mondundu responds:

Glad you do.

"A bad dream, so mean, rockin' me down like a slot machine,"

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