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Hentai Breakout II

Posted by PoisonHeart - March 1st, 2018

This is currently in progress. So far the engine is much nicer, there is a "gliding" problem. By which I mean that the ball will roll through a number of bricks without stopping. I don't care to fix it. %90 of the engine is twice as solid as the first game.

I suppose the next question is, how many levels? I want to aim for 100 this time, but knowing how much stress it put on my antique 1.5ghz processor with 50 levels, I'm not sure that's a great idea. Maybe another 50 levels is enough? 

Hentai Breakout hasn't even cleared the portal yet, with just under 300 views as of this writing. Already I'm working on the sequel, born out of realizing how much nicer I could have made the physics engine.

I adore hentai. To me.....it's not pornography. It's just art. The first review for the first game said "this is nothing but spam" and the User gave me a rating of zero stars and presumedly voted 0 as well. That kinda hurty-hurt. 

To end on a positive note, I'm already excited for the sequel. I know it will outdo the first, it's just a matter of how much am I willing to invest? The first game took about 3 days of sleeplessness and fretting. I designed 50 levels by hand, and for the life of me couldn't figure out how to post high scores to a table or save a Players game. Instead a shortcut to the end of the game is in the title screen, in the upper-right corner.

The demo for the original netted nearly 7,000 views.....more than any project I've worked on before. The actual game however, isn't appearing to fare so well. I'm going to get some sleep and take another look in the morning. The demo has been online for 5 days, while the full version less than 6 hours. It's about to clear the portal. 

I'm still excited.



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