Entry #2

Hate Mail Dept.

2017-03-01 02:19:56 by PoisonHeart

Please direct all hate-mail, death threats, naive defenses, drunken insults, juvenile agression, creepy stalking, psychoneurosese, and general despicability here in the comments below! Hooray!


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2017-03-01 21:10:48

That's hardly the sort of behavior I'd expect on this website...
Good day sir...

PoisonHeart responds:

Dear Zornuz Kull,

"Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy."
-Sir Isaac Newton

Oh, and do watch for the bear-traps and deadfalls now tactfully placed about your home!

All the best,
The Hate Mail Dept.


2017-03-02 06:11:34

I.... don't know why you made this, but I will admit that it'd have been useful when the whole Geometry Dash scandal broke out here on Newgrounds last month.

PoisonHeart responds:

Hello Troi!

Yes, Double-O Agents were dispatched from our Dept. to handle dissent.

Thanks for writing!